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    Change in management of Thomastown Recreation & Aquatic Centre (TRAC)

    Following a competitive tender process, the City of Whittlesea has appointed Belgravia Leisure as the new operators of TRAC commencing 1 July 2021.

    The YMCA, Council and Belgravia Leisure are committed to keeping all members informed during this transition process and wish to assure all members that it will be business as usual’.

    We understand that during this time there will be a number of questions raised by members and guests. We hope that by referring to our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below this will answer any questions or concerns you may have.


    Frequently asked questions


    What does the transition mean for access to TRAC?

    In the interim, it will remain business as usual at TRAC. On 1 July 2021 Belgravia Leisure will open the doors and welcome members and patrons. It is expected that TRAC will close early on 30 June 2021 to assist the transition. This will be confirmed and communicated closer to the date.


    Do I need a new membership card?

    Belgravia Leisure plan to use the same membership access system currently used by YMCA Whittlesea. Members can continue to use the card or wrist band issued. If you have any access issues after the transition, please see customer service to rectify.


    What will happen to my direct debit payments?

    The fortnightly debit process for members and students will not be impacted by the change of management. YMCA Whittlesea will complete the final fortnightly debit on the 24 June 2021 and Belgravia Leisure will process the fortnightly debit on the 8 July 2021. From this date onwards, the details on your bank statement will no longer list YMCA Whittlesea but will instead list Debit Success. The debit date and debit frequency will remain the same.


    Do I need to sign a new contract? And do the terms and conditions which I signed continue?

    Members (including swimming lesson enrolments) are not required to sign a new contract. The conditions of membership, including frequency of payment, and programs accessed will remain the same. Make up lessons will continue.


    What will happen if I have a paid in full/upfront membership or multi visit pass?

    Any paid in full/upfront memberships and multi visit passes will be honoured as per the conditions and expiry dates.


    Will there be a TRAC app?

    Shortly after transition there will be a member app which will be implemented. More information about this will be communicated at a later date. In the app will be able to:

    • Manage your account details
    • Update your payment details
    • Check for your next payment
    • Buy a new membership
    • Buy a visit pass
    • Scan in using a digital access card – for when you forget your pass!
    • Book into your Group Fitness Classes
    • View upcoming classes
    • Advise of us of your GOswim non-attendance and book make-up lessons
    • Track your GOswim learning pathways and progression
    • Send and receive messages to the Centre staff


    Will the group fitness timetable change?

    The group fitness timetable will continue as per normal. Belgravia Leisure will work closely with instructors to ensure the group fitness timetable caters for members’ needs, including arranging new instructors should any of the existing instructors seek alternative arrangements.


    Will there be a fee increase on the 1st July 2021?

    No. The fees and charges will remain the same as they currently are, consistent across TRAC, Mill Park Leisure and Whittlesea Swim Centre. If by chance there are any members or students on the incorrect rate, there will be a process to correct these rates to the current fees and charges set by the City of Whittlesea.


    Will the opening hours change?

    The opening hours will remain the same.


    Will the website change?

    The website will remain the same www.trac.com.au, though content will be updated as required.


    What happens to the staff currently working at the Centre?

    Council, YMCA Whittlesea and Belgravia Leisure will work closely together during the transition period to ensure staff are kept fully informed to enable staff to continue their employment at the Centre, under the management of Belgravia Leisure, or at an alternate YMCA facility, dependent on the preferences of individual staff members.


    Will the swim classes change?

    All swim classes will continue as normal, with swim classes to be conducted, where possible, with the same teacher if they have decided to continue their employment. It is the Belgravia Leisure’s intention that consistency and continuity be maintained as much as possible during the transition period.


    Will the swim levels and program change?

    The Swimming Lesson program will continue, however Belgravia Leisure will introduce the GOswim program powered by Swimming Australia. As a parent you will not notice any major changes, apart from the names of the various levels and the issuing of medals rather than certificates. All previous achievements will be recognised and converted to the GOswim program. GOswim provides a broad, balanced program of swimming, water safety and survival skills in preparation for a lifetime of safe activity in, on or near the water. Booklets outlining the progress through the levels and a display will be available after 1 July 2021.


    What will be the tool used for swim lesson progression feedback and program communication?

    Progression feedback will be provided to you via the member app which will be implemented shortly after transition.

    Using the app via your phone, you will be able to;

    • Receive instant progression feedback, as your child completes skills and levels.
    • Receive awards related to level completion, skill completion or other important milestones
    • Track skills and progression to date and what else needs to be done to keep achieving
    • View photos of your children participating which can also be shared with loved ones
    • See a live schedule of student classes that is individual to the parents’ profile
    • View relevant activities that parents can undertake with students in their own time to help increase skill progressions
    • Manage your profile for themselves and their children
    • Manage your billing details
    • View your payment history
    • Use the Messenger function (direct message) to communicate any program needs directly to the Aquatics Team.


    What happens with Personal training sessions and/or the instructor?

    Personal trainers will continue as normal if they decide to continue their employment and will continue to offer personal training sessions as per normal. Personal trainers will contact clients to advise of any changes to personal training sessions.


    Will I have to re-enrol my child into childcare?

    Yes, if you wish to continue using the Childcare facility you will need to complete a new enrolment. Further information will be issued at a later date.


    Will there be a School Holiday Program in the June/July school holidays?

    Unfortunately, this program has not recommenced since COVID. As the transition of management is in the middle of the next school holidays, we will not be conducting this program during this period. Belgravia Leisure aims to have the School Holiday Program back for the September school holidays.


    What will happen to YMCA Programs, Open Doors and Fee Assistance?

    Belgravia Leisure will endeavour to work with all user groups and members who have existing agreements for fee assistance. Those on fee assistance will be contacted by centre staff with further details regarding any changes to fee assistance and support over the coming weeks. YMCA-branded programs will not be continued; however, Belgravia Leisure is fully committed to continuing all programs and services at the Centre, with a replacement program.


    I have an event/program booked at the Centres after 1 July 2021, will this booking still be honoured?

    Yes, all existing bookings will be honoured.


    Who do I speak to if I have a question during this time?

    Customer service (YMCA Whittlesea) on 9463 0700 or email enquiries@trac.com.au until 30 June 2021.

    Or customer service (Belgravia Leisure) on 9463 0700 or email trac@activewhittlesea.com.au from 1 July 2021.

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