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    GOswim learn to swim program

    At Thomastown Recreation and Aquatic Centre we are proud to deliver the innovative GOswim program to our students and families.

    Powered by Swimming Australia, GOswim focuses on contemporary, experiential, activity based learning as a fun and engaging way for kids to learn to swim and be safe around water. GOswim swimming lessons empower students to think, discuss and decide whilst having fun in and around water.

    Students gain access to:

    Weekly lessons
    Enjoy weekly swimming lessons throughout the year for 48 weeks with access to the pool outside the lesson time.

    Easy and affordable payments
    With weekly payments, swimming lessons are more affordable and can be easily managed with our direct debit system.

    Ongoing enrolment 
    Preventing the need to re-enrol each term and offering you a preferred lesson time.

    ActiveWorld app 
    Communicate and stay in touch with your child’s progression via the ActiveWorld app.

    Free family swimming
    Enjoy free family swim access for four weeks during summer.

    Intensive program
    Plus, one week Holiday Swim Program


    The curriculum covers seven areas of learning. These areas are combined and presented as activities to enhance student development.

    The key learning areas are:

    • Entries and exits
    • Floating and sculling
    • Movement, propulsion and stroke development
    • Personal survival
    • Underwater skills
    • Rescue and emergency
    • Water safety knowledge

    Aquatic pathways to GOswim Academy

    GOswim Academy is designed to encourage continued participation in aquatic activity through competitive and recreational/lap swimming.

    The curriculum for the program builds on the core and foundation elements in the GOswim program, as each skill is broken down into segmented and achievable components that streamline and refine technique and enhance the development of efficiency and endurance.

    Current Learn to Swim students will transition into the GOswim program

    As a parent you will not notice any major changes, apart from the names of the various levels and the issuing of medals rather than certificates. All previous achievements will be recognised and converted to the GOswim program.

    Click below to learn how your previous YMCA levels are converted into the GOswim levels.

    YMCA to GOswim Level Conversion

    Swimming lessons
    Swimming lessons
    Swimming lessons

    Babies & toddlers

    Help your child become comfortable and confident in and around the water with our Infants or Preschool GOswim program at Mill Park Leisure! Lessons are designed for babies 6 months to 3 years, catering for infant, toddler and preschool participants attending with their parents/guardians or appropriate adult carers.


    Powered by Swimming Australia, GOswim focuses on contemporary, experiential, activity based learning as a fun and engaging way for kids to learn to swim and be safe around water.

    Development squad

    Aimed at kids who have already learnt the basics of swimming, the GOswim Academy is designed for students aged between the ages of 8 and 14 years old. It’s perfect for kids ready for junior squads, or for those who are interested in getting ready for the competitive swimming club environment.

    Active World

    Enrol in GOswim lessons or manage your existing GOswim membership via the Active World app!

    Enrol your child in swimming lessons today and equip them with a skill for life! Keep up to date with your child’s progress. Download the app to login – use the code TRAC

    Our Integrated App

    Everyone’s GOswim journey is powered by innovative technology. The Active World app was specifically designed to improve communication and interaction between your swim schools and swimmers.

    Your self managed personal portal will enable you to:

    • View upcoming classes
    • Book new classes
    • Advise of us of your child’s non-attendance and book make-up lessons
    • Track learning pathways and progression
    • Receive digital awards for effort, teamwork, perseverance and having FUN!
    • Send and receive messages to the Centre staff
    • Manage personal and billing details

    Click Learn More to find out more about this great app powering your child’s GOswim enrolment.

    Watch our short video to learn how to enrol!

    Active World
    Active World
    Active World