• Aquatic supervision

    Watch Around Water

    Mill Park Leisure is a Watch Around Water facility. This program was developed by Aquatics and Recreation Victoria and Life Saving Victoria to:

    • Educate the public about adequate supervision
    • Encourage parent/guardians to take on this responsibility when visiting a public aquatic facility.

    ​Therefore, the following safe supervision policies must be adhered to:

    Children under 5 years old

    • Will be issued a PINK wristband from reception upon entry.
    • Children under 5 years old must be constantly supervised by a parent/guardian.
    • Adequate supervision requires the parent/guardian to accompany the child in the water and remain within arm’s reach of the child at all times.

    Children under 10 years old

    • Will be issued a YELLOW wristband from reception upon entry.
    • Children under 10 years old will not be admitted without an appropriate parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must be 16 years or over and adhere to all conditions of entry.
    • Children under 10 years old must be constantly supervised by a parent/guardian while in the aquatic area of the centre.
    • The parent/guardian must position himself or herself to have a clear view of the child with no physical or structural barriers between them and the child.

    Children 10 years and older

    • For children 10 years and older, parents must use their knowledge of the child’s swimming ability to determine the level of supervision required.
    • Parent /guardians are not required to be present in the centre.


    Weak/non-swimmer policy

    • Tell a staff member if you are a Non-Swimmer, we’re here to help!
    • It’s ok to admit you are a non-swimmer, be recognised and survive
    • Wear a water safety orange wrist band while in the water to be recognised by lifeguards
    • Swim within safe depths according to your ability
    • Never swim in deep water if you are a Non-Swimmer
    • Be aware of drop zones in pools and abrupt depth change areas
    • Swim with a friend or companion

    Please note: Lifeguards are employed on a 1:100 ratio; to help lifeguards supervise more effectively please advise staff if you are a non-swimmer, wear your wrist band and stay within safe depths commensurate with your ability.

    You can also get a copy of this policy in Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic or Sudanese-Arabic below.

    If you wish to improve your swimming ability to be safe in and around water, please contact us.

    Aquatic supervision
    Aquatic supervision
    Aquatic supervision