• Aqua aerobics

    Aqua aerobics classes

    Aqua aerobics classes are a great way to stay fit without aggravation or risking injury. Using the resistance of water automatically increases the intensity of your workout, helping to increase your strength, flexibility and your overall health.

    Classes are similar to using weights or machines in a gym, however, aqua aerobics gives you a natural buoyancy to help protect and target particular areas of your body that require attention.

    Professional group fitness instructors

    Our professional group fitness instructors provide quality instructing to motivate you to work out to the best of your ability. With a wealth of knowledge and experience our group fitness instructors are sure to inspire you to achieve your fitness goals in a fun way!

    Aqua aerobics classes are taken in our swimmings pool in a safe, friendly and relaxing environment. These classes are suitable for those 16+ of all skill levels.

    Aqua aerobics
    Aqua aerobics
    Aqua aerobics