Trevor Forbes-Simmons

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Trevor Forbes-Simmons 


Professional:      Associate I.E. (Aust), August 1995

                              Fellow Society of Engineering Associates, August 1995

                                      Incorporated. Engineer (C.E.I.), February 1977

                                      M.I.E.E.I.E. (Member of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Incorporated Engineers), October 1976




Company:                 Santos Ltd (Major Australian Oil and Gas Producer)


August 1992 to 2011


Position:                   Senior Technologist - Projects


                                      Responsible for the implementation of Information Technology to the Operations Support Department.  Developing and supporting an integrated network of workstations with software for process simulation, CAD drafting, project management and document/drawing imaging and control.


January 1992 to August 1992


Position:                   Supervising Technologist


November 1990 to December 1991


Position:                   Supervising Senior Analyst


                                      Responsible for all project services to the Design and Construction and Technical Services Departments; namely cost engineering, budgeting, reporting, technical library/drawing control and planning.  Ten people reported to this position.


July 1987 to July 1988


Position:                   Senior Analyst


                                      Responsible for all internal and external reporting, cost reporting, system enhancements and deputising for the Supervising Chief Engineer.


Company:                 Delhi Petroleum Pty Ltd (Subsidiary of CSR Pty Ltd)


July 1985 to June 1987


Position:                   Planning Engineer


                                      Provide technical oversight of Delhi’s responsibilities as Operator for the production, processing and transportation of petroleum products to the point of sale.  Assist in the development of Joint Venture and Corporate operating budgets.  Report internally and externally actual performance against budget in the most effective manner possible.


July 1984 to June 1985


Position:                   Technical Assistant Planning


                                      Responsible for all external reporting to Joint Venture Participants


June 1983 to June 1984


Position:                   Disabled with work injury


                                      Injuries sustained in an aeroplane crash on a crew change flight from Moomba resulted in one year off work and an abrupt change of career path.


November 1982 to June 1983


Position:                   Field Superintendent


                                      Responsible for establishing the first three oil fields in the Cooper Basin where Delhi was the “Oil” Operator.  This involved training approximately thirty inexperienced production operators and establishing operating parameters and procedures.


Emigrate to Australia in November 1982


Company:                 Shell Expro UK Ltd


October 1980 to November 1982


Position:                   Computer Applications Engineer (Aberdeen)


                                      Specify the interface between the computers monitoring the offshore operations and the operators, both offshore and in the Aberdeen Operations Control Centre (AOCC).


                                      Support the AOCC with a brief to identify and specify the operating parameters necessary to co-ordinate the transportation of gas and live crude.


                                      Identify the constraints imposed by unplanned operational upsets and advise AOCC staff on the optimum method to maximise crude production and export.


                                      Ensure that the oil and gas terminals were kept informed on the expected product offtake in terms of quality and quantity.


October 1979 to October 1980


Position:                   Operations Supervisor (Brent Field, North Sea)


                                      Assigned to Gas Compression Start-up Team:


·                         To commission the control systems necessary for gas treatment, injection and export.

·                         To carry out running trials and plant start-ups.

·                         To run the plant in an operation mode as supervisor, and co-ordinate day and night shifts of four technicians.


April 1977 to October 1979


Position:                   Senior Technician (Brent Field, North Sea)


                                      Assigned to Operations


·                         To maximise oil production to storage in a safe efficient manner.

·                         To export from storage to a remote loading unit.

·                         To run a water injection system for secondary recovery.


October 1976 to April 1977


Position:                   Technician (Brent Field, North Sea)


                                      Assigned to Instrument Engineering


·                         To install and commission control systems to operate an oil/gas separation train.

·                         To co-ordinate the work of a team of contract technicians.


Company:                 General Instrument Microelectronics


May 1969 to November 1975


Position:                   Senior Applications Engineer


                                      Joined the company as a technician and left as an Applications Engineer co-ordinating a small team of one junior engineer and two technicians.  Work involved development of microcircuits.


Company:                 Marconi Elliott Microelectronics


Position:                   Technician


                                      Technician with this company after leaving full time education until the factory closed in May 1969.  Work involved R&D on Defence projects